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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ibirapuera Park

In the site below you can find information about how to go to Ibirapuera park by car, bus or by subway. (unfortunately the site is only in Portuguese)

A parking lot can be found entering the park by gateway 4, in 23 de Maio avenue (in this point it is called av Pedro Alvares Cabral). It is charged a fare of R$ 3 for 2 hour parking (you must buy the ticket in the Zona Azul indicated spots, fill it in and leave it visible inside the car before you leave the car).

Ibirapuera park is a good option for paulistanos to be in touch with nature without having to leave the city. The park is inside the city, in Moema neighborhood.

Walking in the park, people can see black swans and every sort of ducks everywhere around the lakes. Some people feed them to see them closer, despite it is not allowed.

 In one of the lakes,there is usually a water show with illumination at the evening. People can also cross the lake by this bridge, seen below.

Outside the park, but very close to it, there is the famous monument of Victor Brecheret, called Monumento às Bandeiras. 

Inside the park there is the Manequinho Lopes garden, where many plants and trees are cultivated for re-foresting. The garden, however, is opened only the week-days.

People also use to go to the park to practice hiking, riding bicycles (there is a spot too rent them), getting the dogs for a walk, playing soccer, volleyball and basketball.


If you got hungry after this tour in Sao Paulo, I recommend having a sandwich in Chicohamburger, at Ibirapuera avenue (crossing Republica do Libano ave).

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  1. Beautiful place to stroll around. I love to take a look at the lake. Very nice!