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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Guarujá is the place São Paulo habitants go when they want to enjoy the beach in the summer. It is 100 km far from São Paulo and can be reached by car using either Anchieta or Imigrantes roads. However, the toll fare is some expensive (~20 reais to go and ~8 reais to return). One good alternative is to take Ayrton Senna road, then exit to Mogi and then follow the signs indicating Rota do Sol for less then 3 reais the toll.

Guarujá is an island with a very small population that increases drastically in summer holidays months (December / January). The most known beaches are Pitangueiras (3 pictures below) and Enseada.

There are lots of other beaches not too far, as Guaiuba and Pernambuco.

Santos city can be reached by ferry (the fare is less than 10 reais).

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