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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zu Lai Temple

Zu Lai Temple is located in Cotia, not far from Sao Paulo, but it is better reached by car. The temple is built in honor to Budha and its religion, the Budhism.

The temple is square-shaped with an empty room in the middle, where celebrations take place.

The closed rooms can be entered, but no photos are allowed. There is an exhibition with oriental art and a restaurant of vegetarian food: vegetables, cheese, rice and tea. It costs around 10 reais per person, but I have to say it is not that tasteful.

In the path to the lake visitors can see this statues of Budha's friends, these angelical creatures. But there are some terrible daemons too!

And they organize themselves in groups...

In the end people can see this lake with some turtles swimming.

More reliable information can be found at the website:

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  1. That´s a good recommendation. Good place.