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Thursday, November 1, 2012


Santos is a historical city located in São Paulo coast. Despite it has some beaches, they are normally not suitable for swimming and the importance of the city is because of its history and its commercial importance because of the port. Santos is reached by Anchita road, 100 km from São Paulo.Toll fares around 20 reais.

Santos is one of the oldest Brazilian cities and the port has been used during the XIX century to export the coffee production from the farms. Today the port is still important for São Paulo commerce and many foreign ships can be seen every day arriving and leaving Santos.

Besides the historical importance, Santos has the biggest shore, where tourists can walk, practice exercises and enjoy the view of the beaches.

Below follows some must-see attractions:

Aquarium - Penguins, seals, sharks, turtles and more sea life. Near cannal 6. Fare $5 reais.

Museu do Café (Coffee museum) - It was originally the place where coffee stocks were exchanged. Today it is a museum and  contains some paintings from Benedito Calixto of the settling years. Located at downtown, $5 reais entrance.

Bondinho Turístico - $5 reais entrance. One-hour tour in a cable car through the historical downtown, with explanations in Portuguese.

Monte Serrat - Downtown. There is a cable car that takes people to the top of the hill, where an old casino takes place and downtown can be viewed from the top. Fare $19 reais.

Ilha Porchat. The hill can be climbed by car, where nice pictures can be taken of the city.

For shopping or for lunch, one of the most modern malls in Santos is the Praiamar Shopping, some squares from the shore along cannal 5.

Guarujá city can be reached by ferry (fare of less than 10 reais for a car) where nice beaches can be enjoyed.


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