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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Campos do Jordão

This post describes an one-day trip to Campos do Jordão. Campos is 170 km distant from São Paulo. The best way to go there is by car. I recommend driving Dutra roadway and taking the exit slightly before Taubaté. Then just follow directions to Campos do Jordão, in a winding road. (There is a good snack bar right after Quiririm city called Leite na Pista)

Campos do Jordão is a city in the German style, what can be seen in its architecture. The city is crowded in the winter season, when the most important events occur, specially musical concerts.

In the warm days, the Hortoflorestal is a nice park to practice hiking. It's charged R$ 5 for person plus R$ 5 for parking the car. There are hiking trails for levels easy to difficult, where an instructor is required. Following the track you can see lakes for carp creation, araucarias, plant gardens.

The 2 main neighborhoods in the city are called Abernesia, where you can find cheap places to have lunch, and Capivari, where the most expensive restaurants are, but also the best places to visit.

In Abernesia people can take a tour in these classic trains or visit the public market.

In Capivari there is this ski chairs attraction, that take people to the high of a hill where it's possible to see all the city.

It's there that the most glamorous stores are. You can find any kind of expensive products like brand clothes, jewelry, cars or even an helicopter!

There are many nice malls and street bars to visit and have a beer. Don't forget to try some local chocolate which can be found everywhere.

Going farther, you can see these interesting hotels in the hills.

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